A2A presented its recharging columns designed by Giugiaro Architettura

April 6, 2023

The first series of "City Plug" columns designed by Giugiaro Architettura and built by A2A was presented in Brescia on April 6. The "City Plug" columns are slow-charging stations, powered exclusively with 100% certified renewable energy, for electric cars with small batteries and for plug-in' hybrids.


Giugiaro Architettura's project followed the principles of ergonomics and simplicity, bearing in mind the placement in urban furniture, which requires that the elements exist in their beauty, but also that they "disappear", becoming almost invisible, without crowding the visual landscape. The columns are characterized by an absolute linearity of the design, which integrates the colors of the company and at the same time facilitates their use, thanks to the sockets located in the upper part.

The project inaugurated today represents the further development of a path that will lead A2A to install 22 thousand recharging points throughout Italy, also significantly contributing to the electrification of consumption.