Tankoa S65

Yacht interior design


The Tankoa S-65 is a 65m mega-yacht, with dual classification from RINA and Lloyd’s, a twin propeller with trans-Atlantic autonomy, and a high-resistance steel hull with light alloy superstructure, a unique mix of technology and design.

The uniqueness of the hull is enhanced by the external lines, giving an outstanding importance to the creativity to the vessel. 

The agreement between Tankoa and Giugiaro Architettura has all of the qualities to further improve the best of the Italian shipbuilding industry, brought to international level by a company that represents the excellence of development and application of project solutions, design, and style.

Giugiaro Architettura has not only focused on the quality of details, but also on the concept of evolved luxury, hence ecological architecture, traditional traits, and a constant harmony between technology and pragmatism.
We can find innovative materials on the S-65, some of which have never been used on boats before. Materials that are eco-compatible, adapted to create an atmosphere ranging between natural and spectacular. 

The futuristic furnishings are mainly found in ingenious lighting systems with LEDs allowing for infinite colour options through dynamically regulated lights, and Barrisol stretch ceilings: a membrane for retro-lit false ceilings to create an emotional lighting scheme. A cutting edge project for the Italian shipbuilding industry.