Trenitalia ETR 500 Frecciarossa 4 livelli

Design of train interiors


Giugiaro has developed the style and engineering of the interiors of the renovated high-speed train ETR 500 AV Frecciarossa for the AV brand, the high-speed division of Trenitalia, the Italian railways.

The interiors, already previously created by Giugiaro Design, have been completely redesigned with the specific intent of changing the range of services offered, going from the traditional two classes to a new extended range of four levels of service: Standard, Premium, Business and Executive.

The goal was to give the interior a more modern, hi-tech, but above all functional and livable atmosphere. New space for suitcases, new materials with wide use of leather (useful for its quality of resistance, cleanability and aspect) new lighting and a specific meeting room useful for business travelers.

The Frecciarossa 4 levels successfully connects some of the major Italian cities, such as Turin, Milan, Bologna, Florence, Rome and Naples.