Atrium Torino

Exhibition pavilions XX Winter Olympic Games Turin 2006

Città di Torino
Turin, Italy

Atrium are two exhibition pavillions created for the City of Turin during the XX Winter Olympic Games 2006.

Two wide arches in lamellar wood are connected as a suspended bridge, following the central and the peripheral extremes of each of the green yards of the historic turinian square.

The specific prismatic shape was purposefully created not to touch the wide foliage and branches of the centennial trees.

The foundations are short in order not to touch the roots extending all around the terrain.

The materials used for the main structures - wood, glazed steel and glass - perfectly insert the building within the context, creating a coherent mix between classic and modern.

The suggestive aspect of the styling was studied to create a building meant to become an “agorà” for social, communication, cultural and academic events in a continuous interaction with its visitors.