Juventus Stadium

Juventus Football Club Sport Center

Juventus FC
Turin, Italy

The Juventus Stadium in Turin is a fine example of new generation private stadiums built for the pure enjoyment of sports. An integration of the work of different high-end design and architecture companies, the stadium is the first example of privately-owned stadium in the main italian soccer division: Serie A.

Giugiaro Architettura's work concentrated on the exterior styling of the stadium.
The linear aspect of the sides of the building has been given a modern, technological effect thanks to the metal lamellae producing a flight of steps lowering towards the ground.

The graphic aspect studied for the floor produces a stylish game which enables the team to develop a series of commercial promotions, such as that of selling a star to be placed in the tiles with the owner's name inserted in it.

One final aspect developed for the stadium was the styling of the two structural poles.
The shape was transformed from straight to elliptical and the graphics were created for safety (airplanes) and recognizability (italian flag).