Milano Centrale Station - Foodcourt

Glass cover of mezzanine at platforms level

Grandi Stazioni
Milan, Italy

Following a series of refurbishments created for the Milano Centrale station, Giugiaro Architettura developed the project for new commercial spaces in front of the platforms and inside the historic Galleria dei Mosaici. Consisting of a new structure composed of a glazed outer shell aimed at creating protected, air-conditioned spaces with the least possible visual impact on the existing, historic architecture, the design evokes the square lines and rounded corners typical of the new glazed boutiques in the Galleria delle Carrozze, the Station’s main entrance hall.

Furthermore, the covering is on a partial slope, being lower above the platform area and the Galleria, to minimise the impact of the main front, and higher towards the internal part of the volumes to enhance ceiling height. The spaces will host a foodcourt and lounges for a better living of the whole station.