New Turin University Campus

Faculties of Law and Political Sciences Campus

Università degli Studi di Torino
Turin, Italy

The project for the new University campus to house the Faculties of Law and Political Sciences is aimed at providing an exhaustive answer to the request of the University of Turin to unite the two faculties in one modern campus, creating new important areas dedicated to students, professors and visitors and significantly contributing to the cultural activities of the city.
The new campus is located in an area extending along the Dora river which formerly housed Italgas (national gas company). The initial idea for the project came from the decision of integrating the educational complex in the city, transforming the disused industrial estate into a new cultural center not far from the existing university buildings. The complex is closed to traffic, to maintain the idea of an interior court garden with plenty of trees in which a network of pathways lead to the various access points.

Inspired by the quadrangular shape of monastery cloisters and by that of open squares, the project implements a modern interpretation of a proven, reliable formula. Three architectural elements are the heart of the campus and link the various buildings: a central courtyard, an elevated gallery and a suspended roof. In designing the new university campus, special attention has been given to visual/sound comfort and to the quality of the environment, as well as to energy saving, via an innovative combination of proven elements, eliminating inefficient or non-proven technologies.