Projects worldwide

From the sinuous shapes of desert dunes to the historic centre of European towns, we develop architectural projects internationally at 360 degrees

Specific approach
to outstanding projects

We keep in mind the economic, technological, methodological and cultural aspects of every client’s request

Respect of budget and time schedule

Be it a small room or a stadium, a restaurant or a museum, everything starts with a plan and a clear vision of budget and time

Redefinition of work environments

We design spaces where the Man is at the center of everything

Designers and architects united for style

Insipiration can come from the most unimaginable worlds

Detail is everything, everything is detail

Creative and technical solutions are applied to a simple space to achieve a complex and coordinated environment

Pure enjoyment of sports
with an eye to commercial activities

We design stadium complexes where sports events and commercial activities combine

Functional approach to styling

We enhance the quality of life, culture or work of the occupants in an aesthetically attractive way

Coherent mix between classic and modern

The use of modern materials must perfectly insert the building within the historic context



Giugiaro Architettura was founded in 1995 as the architecture division of Italdesign Giugiaro, the group created by Giorgetto Giugiaro to provide services to the automotive industry and one of the international driving forces of creativity and innovation in its field.

In 2003 Giugiaro Architettura has become an independent company and has quickly grown as a strategic business unit active in architectural and city planning, interior design and boat design. Over the years the company has enhanced its potential, developing architectural projects internationally at 360 degrees..



Giugiaro Architettura is composed of a qualified team of professionals led by Fabrizio Giugiaro.
The collaboration with outstanding national and international firms has emphasized the ambition of Giugiaro Architettura to develop projects worldwide.
This natural vocation has led the company to deal with the most significant themes of the contemporary scenario and to work with the goal of conquering new frontiers in design.

Its provenance from the industrial design world, not conventional for an architecture firm, and its familiarity with the industrial production processes have been vital to develop new solutions in the creation of architectural projects.


Giugiaro Architettura approaches every project with a precise objective: that of satisfying the needs of the Client to guarantee that every project delivered reaches expectations.

The functional approach inherited by its founders, Giorgetto and Fabrizio Giugiaro, has led the architects to keep in mind the economic, technological, methodological and cultural aspects of every Client’s request to develop projects with one main goal: that of being successful. As a service company, Giugiaro Architettura has the necessity to adapt its projects to any different request, desire or culture. This is what makes us so special: a specific approach to any project with the ability to understand a Client’s desires.

Detail is everything, everything is detail

The design approach starts from the idea of a global vision moving step by step into a deeper and accurate analysis of every single detail, all leading to the identification of a coordinated image. An interior or exhibit design is often a precious occasion to create, to engineer, to promote new products, developed using the most advanced technologies. Giugiaro Architettura also constantly follows and supports suppliers and partners of the Client in the crucial phases of the production process.

Style & Concept

Style is our mission. We always start a new project from a style research to build an idea. Then we give a shape to this idea with aesthetics, context, Client expectations, feasibility. The result is that of transforming the most abstract concept into something real. Be it a new structure or a refurbishment, evreything starts with a vision..